Welcome to Petawawa Airsoft!

Located on the border of Pembroke and Petawawa. Only a 10 minute drive from CFB Petawawa, Ontario. Our playing field consists of natural and woodland trails, with man made structures stretched out over 15 acres.

2014 Game Schedule


6 Sept - OP "BIO HAZARD"  (Night time Zombie survivor event, $25 walk-on fee)

Registration starts - 6 pm (1800hrs)
Game Time – 8pm to 2-3 am Sunday morning.

Survivor Minimal Requirements to play
- Approved ballistic tactical goggles or paintball goggles,
- Springer pistol, i.e; Canadian Tire single shot pistol/shotgun.

Game Play

This Airsoft game will be using a unique rule set, unlike conventional rules used in regular Airsoft games. It is very important for everyone to read the rules and understand them fully before the game! Even those who have attended other Zombie games should read the rules and make note of the changes. With new ideas, come new questions, so I encourage everyone to read the rules carefully and ask ALL the questions you have. If you are confused about something, chances are someone else is too and we will do our best to fix confusion.
This game will be using "No Mercy".
With No Mercy, we are adding in a stronger 'traditional airsofting' theme, putting even more emphasis on player vs. player situations. The game will feature two or more factions with a set of objectives they must complete to win the game. Unfortunately not much more detail can be gone into without ruining elements of the game, but it can be said that a player will have more than just zombies to worry about!

Players (Survivors) will be divided into teams of 10-20 to start off the game. (what happens after that, is up to them...)

FPS Restriction: 395 fps single shot.
BB Bastard Ammunition will be provided to ALL players (free of charge). Players are instructed NOT to bring ammo to the game. Players will have to provide their own BB loaders and propane if their weapon requires it.


Survivors: (Open to all, tell your friends. The more the Better, for you... to SURVIVE...)

As a survivor you are challenge to survive when all the odds are against you. Only equipped with a flashlight, red glow stick, pistol or shotgun (with only 20 rounds starting) it is up to you to find more, how you find more is up to you. You are a survivor, abandoned by your government, left to die. You have no set rules to follow.
You will be place in a chaos filled environment with buildings, vehicles, Zombies, smoke, strobe lights and more...
Groups of 10-15 will be picked at random (to aid in the chaos) and transport out to the field to start the game.

As a Zombie your job is to increase your numbers by infecting the survivors, ambush them, trap them, over power them with your shear numbers. where a survivor can go you can go with out restrictions.

Hybrid Zombies:


11 Oct - Game Day will be held at OHP in Ottawa (night time game)
25 Oct - Game Day (Open to all)


What the players are saying...

" Petawawa Airsoft Field never disappoints and this game/weekend was no different!

Sorry for clearing out my own team in the Sat night game, hahahaha....
Next time Mike, maybe when I say I have the tower you should stop shooting at it? To make up for it though I had no blue on blue for the Sunday games! 

Thanks to Kross for picking up all the pyro, that always adds to the game when you scared you’re going to catch fire. Just kidding all was as safe as it can be! "

- Jon from Kemptville, 11 September, 2011