Welcome to Petawawa Airsoft!

Located on the border of Pembroke and Petawawa. Only a 10 minute drive from CFB Petawawa, Ontario. Our playing field consists of natural and woodland trails, with man made structures stretched out over 15 acres.

2014 Game Schedule

19 July - OP "Drug Bust - Postponed until next year.


9 Aug - Game Day (Open to all)
23 Aug - Game Day (Open to all)

6 Sept - OP "BIO HAZARD"  (Night time Zombie survivor event, $25 walk-on fee)


11 Oct - Game Day (Open to all)
25 Oct - Game Day (Open to all)


What the players are saying...

" Petawawa Airsoft Field never disappoints and this game/weekend was no different!

Sorry for clearing out my own team in the Sat night game, hahahaha....
Next time Mike, maybe when I say I have the tower you should stop shooting at it? To make up for it though I had no blue on blue for the Sunday games! 

Thanks to Kross for picking up all the pyro, that always adds to the game when you scared you’re going to catch fire. Just kidding all was as safe as it can be! "

- Jon from Kemptville, 11 September, 2011